“Giving Back Togther”

With a rise in understanding of the business world’s impact on how we live our lives, every modern company’s role has evolved. With an eye toward people, profit and planet, our company forged its identity in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with strength and conviction. And with that commitment, “contributing broadly to society” isn’t just a Sumitomo Corporation (SC) value; It inhabits our DNA.

Our tradition of responsibility dates back to the Besshi Copper Mine reforestation projects, and moves us forward through our SC Material Issues initiatives. Our philanthropic arm, SCOA Foundation, continues its contributions through education and charity, and our business groups also seek out opportunities that promote responsible environmental practices throughout the company and across the globe. SCOA fulfills its responsibility through synergistic efforts in the pursuit of growth for our company, the type of growth that fulfills the promise established in our corporate motto, “Enriching lives and the world,” in the way we work best: together.


Sumitomo Corporation and SCOA Collaborate with US Hybrid to Expand Fuel Cell Production Capacity 

Continuing to extend its reach in the renewable energy business, Sumitomo Corporation and SC announced a Strategic Collaboration Agreement with US Hybrid to support their desire to grow the fuel cell production business.

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SCOA Group Companies Show Their CSR Through Programs 

Several of SCOA's Group Companies participate in both philanthropic and environmentally-aware programs that help promote the mission of Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Sumitomo Corporation Strengthens Commitment to Clean Energy Alternatives With New Biomass Venture

Sumitomo Corpoaration will be working with Cosan Biomassa S.A., the first company in the world to produce and commercialize biomass pellets made from sugarcane bagasse and straw.

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SCOA Foundation Contributes Broadly to Society in 2016 

Sumitomo Corporation's Corporate Social Responsibility visions in the in the heart of the SCOA Foundation, the charitable organization established by Sumitomo Corporation of Americas to further its philanthropic activities.

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