Natural Resources

We play a key role in the responsible development of natural resources and the production and protection of agricultural products. From mining to agriculture and food supplies, we are a reliable partner with access to global distribution markets anywhere in the world.

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the catalyst for Natural Resources & Agricultural Products

We play a key role in the responsible development of natural resources and agricultural products.  From the financing and operations of world-class mines in remote locations to agrochemical assistance to farmers in the South American floral and food supplies industry, we are a reliable partner operating on the ground throughout the Americas.

In the upstream business environment, SC operates world-class mines that leverage cutting-edge strategies to minimize environmental impact. In tandem with international and local partners, we work to extract mineral assets in South America, as well as silver from a 125-year-old mine in central Mexico; gold in Alaska; and copper in Arizona. 

We work with organic fair-trade coffee producers to promote “Bird Friendly®” coffee products. Bird Friendly® coffee is grown with practices that promote habitats for both migratory and resident birds in tropical landscapes.

We support the production of organic foods and eco-friendly farming practices. Our agricultural chemicals help farmers grow quality grains, vegetables, fruits and flowers.  We have a major role in protecting crops like soybeans produced in the fields of Argentina, grapes in Chile, potatoes and tomatoes in Mexico, apples in Argentina, melons in Guatemala, asparagus in Peru, and cut flowers in Ecuador and Colombia.

We have been a partner with Smithfield Foods, one of the world’s largest purveyors of pork products in the world, for more than two decades. We help identify and develop new markets and safely transport their potentially perishable products.

Helping to bring food products to consumers is a Sumitomo trademark. When the largest pork supplier in the U.S. wanted to bring its products to market in Japan, we developed a “farm to fork” concept, helping navigate regulatory requirements in Japan, developing special transportation systems to ensure quality, and then working to establish our partner as the leading importer of pork products into the growing Japan market. We also introduced to this market “Yongenton Silky Pork”, a newly branded meat product characterized by marbling qualities.