We partner in the successful development and operation of large infrastructure projects, from power generation and renewable energy projects, to railcar and train components and equipment, to framework materials and construction equipment services.

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trusted partners in Infrastructure

We are an ideal partner in the successful development and operation of large infrastructure projects. From the power that runs businesses and homes, to the rail systems that transport commuters, to the construction materials and equipment for building, SC in the Americas is helping to build and operate infrastructure projects in the Americas and beyond.

With a long history in traditional electricity generation, we have many roles in the power sector today. Our power group invests in large power plant projects such the 845 megawatt (MW) Shepherds Flat wind project in Oregon, and provides operations and maintenance support for our gas-fired project that maximizes the delivery of clean, safe and efficient energy. We also are partners in the ambitious 550MW Desert Sunlight solar project in California and other renewable energy projects in Texas and Kansas.

In transportation, we are a proven provider of quality rails and tie plates, as well as the transportation systems that help people get to where they need to be. We are the leading supplier of seamless steel rails, and the only manufacturer of forged steel wheels for locomotives and rail cars in North America.  We completed, and have ongoing projects in commuter rail, intercity passenger rail and diesel multiple unit vehicles as well as Automated People Mover systems in major cities and airports across the U.S.

Through our subsidiary, Consolidated Systems Inc., we supply high quality steel and aluminum and advanced basic materials that are integral elements in modern commercial and residential construction. These cutting-edge resources speed construction and cut costs for high-rise buildings, stadiums, and arenas.  Our pre-fab construction materials are the groundwork for exciting new structures at more competitive prices.  

By providing construction equipment, along with service and maintenance capabilities, we support the companies involved in infrastructure projects.