Oil Country Tubular Goods

For the OCTG market, SCOA bridges the gap between steel manufacturers and vendors by actively pursuing both domestic and international alliances with steel manufacturers and end users. Partnerships range from customized vendor stocking programs to fully supported supply of OCTG products based on fast changing drilling programs and forecasts. With companies pushing more and more responsibility and function to their vendors, SCOA’s OCTG Unit and its subsidiaries support these needs by leveraging their experience and relationships with leading global mills and customers to create new alliances, providing diversified product and application knowledge, and delivering exemplary customer service.

For OCTG Accessories, SCOA has developed a model for providing comprehensive service to customers. In this model, we coordinate all aspects of the supply chain from procurement to logistics to manufacturing in supplying the accessories needed for well completion.

OCTG Distribution And Manufacturing Business

SCOA has proven and mature OCTG distribution channels along with longstanding relationships with leading manufacturers.

We supply OCTG and line pipe to the Canadian market through Sumitomo Canada and our OCTG distributor, Summit Tubulars Corporation, located in Calgary. We also supply line pipe and specialty tube mainly coordinated through the Vancouver offices of Sumitomo Canada.