Steel & Non-Ferrous Metals Group

SCOA’s Steel and Non-ferrous Metal Business encompasses flat-rolled products, railway products, forging and casting products, specialty steel and non-ferrous metal. These also include certain raw materials used for home appliances, building materials, and varying modes of transportation such as automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft and railway.

SCOA has significantly expanded supply lines within the U.S. industry through the integration of its steel service centers. SCOA deals in both carbon and specialty steel and handles millions of tons of rolled steel products on a consistent basis. SCOA is also  a supplier of rail, wheel, axle and tieplate for class 1 railroad companies in the U.S. market. In the non-ferrous metal field, SCOA is involved in the titanium and aluminum business.

Arkansas Steel Associates LLC (“ASA”) supplies tie plates for the railway industry. ASA has become an important participant in the U.S. and Canada market and has made a significant impact in Mexico. ASA, located in Newport, manufactures tie plates from the hot rolled steel, which is then punched and sheared to meet customer specification.

Steel Summit Holdings (“SSH”) is a steel service center which processes steel sheets and provides just-in-time service for its customers with processed steel sheets for their just-in-time needs. SSH is also involved in the delivery of the good, supply chain management, and financing functions.

SSH steel service centers have developed a relatively stable business model involving the sale of the vast majority of its inventory to high quality customers such as Japanese auto makers, and electrical home appliance makers. The SSH steel service centers strongly differentiate themselves by carefully attending to customer needs and maintaining a strong sales force with an extensive geographic reach.

SteelSummit International (SSI) is based in New York and engages in the importation of thin steel sheets from India that are resold to customers such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system and/or ceiling grid makers in the east coast, southern and mid-western sections of the U.S. The Canadian operations conducted by SteelSummit International Trading (Canada) Inc., a 100% subsidiary of SSI, as been involved in selling Canadian steel sheets for automobiles to parts manufacturers in Canada and the U.S.

In conjunction with Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metas Corporation, an independent publicly traded steel manufacturer, SCOA and its parent company Sumitomo Corporation acquired Standard Steel LLC, a leading manufacturer of railcar wheels and axles, in August 2011.