Environment and Infrastructure Group

SCOA has expanded its renewable power business in recent years by seeking out new opportunities in wind, solar and geothermal power. These ventures allow the Company to leverage its experience and global expertise as a long-term strategic investor while working with strong partners on high-quality renewable energy projects and various stages of production.

The progress of SCOA’s renewable power initiatives also reflects the Company’s sustainability standards by addressing energy-related environmental issues that are global in scale and affect future generations.


Active Investors

SCOA has been an active player in various renewable energy-related business ventures for decades, from sales of solar panel components, to windmill turbines, to electric car batteries and more.

As the marketplace changes, SCOA’s business model must also evolve, and today the Company acts not just as investors, but as partners in several renewable power generation initiatives across the United States, pursuing sustainable infrastructure projects in wind, solar and geothermal, from the stages of project inception on through operations management.