Real Estate

SCOA has more than 30 years of real estate investment and development experience in the United States. SCOA, with investments in commercial office buildings, multi-family communities, planned developments and single family homes, maintains a diverse and balanced real estate portfolio.

Commercial Office Buildings

In 1981, SCOA began its real estate activities in commercial real estate, with the acquisition of Central Pacific Bank and Kaimuki Plaza in Honolulu, followed by 600 Third Avenue in New York City (the building was sold in 2004). Throughout the years, SCOA has been an active investor in the commercial market, acquiring and selling properties in New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tempe, Minneapolis and Miami. SCOA’s current office building investments include SPS Tower in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Collier Tower in Phoenix, Arizona.

Multi Family Communities

SCOA entered the rental apartment market in 1988, when, along with the company’s development partners, they constructed a 20-story apartment complex in Arlington, Virginia. Since then, SCOA has invested in apartment projects in Houston, Phoenix, Denver, and Atlanta, in excess of 3,200 rental units. SCOA also invested in the development of a four-building, 266- unit apartment complex in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Planned Developments

In 1990, SCOA developed its first master-planned community consisting of 700 housing lots, a shopping center and office park northeast of Atlanta known as Medlock Bridge. Starting in 1993, SCOA began the development of a 2,200 home residential community called Hamilton Mill in the metropolitan Atlanta area. Hamilton Mill included a Fred Couples-designed golf course, clubhouse, shopping center, two tennis centers and two swim centers. SCOA is currently working on its third master-planned community. As master developer in partnership with a local real estate company, SCOA's recent development, Towne Lake, is a 2,900 single family home project on 2,400 acres, of which 430 acres are allocated for restaurants, retail shops, three schools, townhomes, apartments, an amphitheater, offices and a town center. The centerpiece in the metro Houston TX area is this 400-acre man-made recreational lake actively used for boating, water skiing, fishing, and swimming. The amenities also include fitness centers; pools; tennis, basketball and volleyball courts; and clubhouses.

Single Family Homes

SCOA has invested with developers and builders in target markets in the Southeast, South Central and Western United States in the single family home residential market. The Company has developed over 3,000 homes with various partners, and is continuously looking for opportunities to expand this area.