Chemicals and Electronics Group

The Chemical and Electronics Group includes trade dealings in petrochemicals, plastics, fine and specialty chemicals, and inorganic chemicals. The Group is comprised of two units, the Life Science Unit and the Basic Chemicals & Electronics Unit. The Life Science Unit also handles medical and pharmaceutical related products, and oversees SCOA’s investment interest in the Hartz Mountain Corporation which manufactures, purchases, and distributes pet supplies, treats, and small animal edibles and accessories.

Within the Life Science Unit, the Company conducts business in the pet care supply, agroscience, medical science and cosmetics industries.

  • Pet Care: invests in companies that manufacture and sell animal health products to over-the-counter and veterinary markets. 
  • Agroscience: Sales of agrochemical products.
  • Medical Science: Sales of raw material for pharmaceutical products and license support for bio pharmaceutical companies.
  • Cosmetics: Distribution of raw materials for cosmetic products.

The Basic Chemicals and Electronics Unit is involved in coating materials, electronics, plastics, inorganic and organic chemicals industries.

  • Inorganic: Export of Inorganic chemicals such as magnesium oxide and modified starch
  • Organic: Sales of organic chemical such as benzene, styrene and olefins.
  • Specialty: Sales of raw materials for pigment, coatings, toner, thermal paper and rubber materials.
  • Electronics: Sales and manufacturing of electronics materials for semiconductors.

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