b'100SEED SPECIAL REPORTSCOA Celebrates DAY OF SERVICE SCOA launched its first annual 100SEED Day of Service in the United States during National Volunteer Week this past April. The program allowed for SCOA employees to participate in a volunteer day between April 19th and May 31st to support an organization, community or non-profit of their choosing.The purpose of the 100SEED Day of Service is two-fold; First, it empowers employees to make a difference in their own communities, or with causes close to their heart. Each participant gets to choose where and with who they volunteer their time. Second, it very literally supports Sumitomo Corporation Groups mission to contribute broadly to society. By empowering our people and giving them this gift of time, they go out into society to make it better, even in the smallest of ways. This is the very basis of our company.With nearly 50 employees participating across the country, SCOA supported 16 organizations across 11 towns and cities. From Park clean-up to fostering animals, heres a glimpse at how our employees spent their Days of Service.1 100SEED Special Insert to InterfaceJune 2021'