b'S T R A T E G I C M O V E S :Four Companies Look to the FutureStrategic Moves: SC Automotive Engineering US: The Transformation ofFour Companies Look to the Future3Transportation Requires Experience, Integrity and aR E M 2 Ascend SC: Supply Chain Consultants SC Global Hands-On Approach83 0 2 Tubular Solutions Starts its Second Act with SCOA Real Estate Partners: Leading Real Estate InvestmentM U S Name Change and New Goals for the Future4 to Develop Generational Communities and Facilities 10Arkansas Steel Associates: Committed to the IntegritySCOA CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility is Everyones Job14of their Railway Infrastructure Products, ASA AdaptsCelebrity Spotlight Interview: to Stay on Track with Steely Resolve6 Yoshinori Tashiro, Sumo wrestler & actor 18'