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SC South America Aims for Sustainable Growth

April 01, 2022

SC South America GM Focuses on De-carbonization, Agri-Food and 
Analyzing Each Business’s Own Characteristic Sustainability  

For the growth of agriculture related businesses in South America, sustainable growth involves building an unwavering operational base in South America as a primary goal, as it has been for all businesses in the region for Nobuhiro Yoshida, General Manager for SC South America (SCSA) and President of SC Brazil.

“Sumitomo Corporation has been actively promoting one-team management in the entirety of South America, with leadership of the local employees,” Mr. Yoshida explained. “The company is taking on the challenge of expanding and developing businesses and solving social issues by leveraging the knowledge and skills of the Group across borders and divisions with a market-in approach, based on the business foundation it has built up over the years and the trusting relationships with influential partners.”

In particular, Yoshida said that SCSA has placed its special focus on areas related to de-carbonization & renewable energy as well as agriculture & food. 

“The two subjects have big potential and opportunity concerning the future of the world,” said Yoshida. “Needless to say, and more importantly, we believe these are the areas that the assets of South America and our strengths can match well. In addition, we can effect synergy in the entirety of South America. These SCSA’s focus areas also align with SC’s growth strategy in next generation.”

“These new business areas are also a good opportunity to expand the opportunities for local employees to play an active role, with the aim of making the business base in South America sustainable.”

Using their MaPPS (Market-In, Partners, Platform, and Supporters) business development plan, SCSA works toward a vision of sustainable growth that incorporates many parts all moving in harmony.

“As sustainability factors became market requirements, this gave us a true game changer for the future. To begin, we promote carbon neutral operations that promote less CO2 emissions and incorporate biomass and clean energy, which addresses the market changes for environmental concerns. Our collaboration with partners helps us expand & explore new relationships, and the use of our strengths promotes maximum use of our business platforms in all business fields. With our supporters, all opportunities will be turned into bright reality.”

Yoshida believes that all roads must lead back to sustainable growth.

“The most important things are to keep on asking ourselves in all levels whether a particular operation is sustainable or not – specifically whether it is sustainable financially, strategically, in each business, in operational quality, and organizationally. These self-analyses will help us to find out the hidden problems, and create the solutions. 

This process will make each team sustainable and make our company sustainable. Sustainable growth must be achieved at all levels and all aspects.”

“In 2022, we should ask ourselves whether our each operation is sustainable or not, what we have to do to move forward strongly toward true sustainable growth, and take many meaningful actions on all levels. The future looks very bright for South America when it comes to our MaPPS Strategy and the challenges in special focus on de-carbonization and agri-food related businesses. MaPPS!”

Above, Nobuhiro Yoshida, General Manager of Sumitomo Corporation South America and President of Sumitomo Corporation Brazil