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Food Business in South America Continues to Thrive

April 01, 2022

For more than 20 years, Sumitomo Corporation of Americas’ (SCOA) food business has built a reputation as a trusted supplier to the Japanese food industry. Today, the quality and consistency of these products generate recognition and brand loyalty in the global retail and wholesale marketplace as a result of our longstanding relationships and reliability.

SC Americas operates 7 offices in South America, capitalizing on the region’s reputation as a major producer of food resources on both the east and west coasts of the continent. As a global company with an extensive network in over 60 countries, we have managed to establish longstanding business relationships with key food suppliers, successfully promoting South America as an important hub for the export of high-quality food products.


SC Andes

Created in 2019 as a result of the merge of three Sumitomo Corporation offices (Colombia, Peru and Ecuador), SCAN has positioned itself as an important exporter of frozen fruit and vegetables to Asian markets.

SC Chile

Sumitomo Corporation Chile (SCCH) is a distributor of consumer-oriented products in the food industry. To further meet customer demand, SCCH explores business opportunities in Chile that allow the company to export goods, mainly to Asian markets. Specifically, SCCH has positioned itself as an important exporter of processed fruits and vegetables.

SC Brazil

Sumitomo Corporation do Brasil (SCBR) has spent over 60 years developing businesses and making investments throughout Brazil. The company’s business activities include distribution of Agrichemicals, the distribution of agricultural and livestock inputs, biomass pellet production from sugarcane bagasse, water concession businesses, iron ore mining, processing and sales, wind turbine forging production, and formulation and distribution of cosmetic chemicals. In the foodstuff industry, SCBR supports the exporting of food to Japan, working to expand the market to other countries, as well as to import product into Brazil.

SC Argentina

Since its inception in 1953, Sumitomo Corporation Argentina has been involved in a diverse range of sectors including infrastructure, automotive, mining resources, energy and especially food. SC Argentina’s food business is focused specifically on the supply of high value-added beef, organic rice, raisins and other processed ingredients. 

Peru and Ecuador:

Alberto Kahn
Sumitomo Corporation Andes S.A.S.
Commercial Manager – Food Business 


Alvaro Cortese
Sumitomo Corporation (Chile) Limitada
General Manager – 
Food and Materials & Supplies


Alberto M. Sacaguti
Sumitomo Corporation do Brasil S.A.
Deputy Dept. Head of Food and General Material Department

Nelson N. Miyamoto
Sumitomo Corporation do Brasil S.A.
Manager of Food and 
General Material Department


Eugenio Oliver
Sumitomo Corporation Argentina S.A.
Commercial Manager – 
Food Department