Sumitomo South America Network

Message from General Manager for South America

Haruo MatsuzakiSouth America contains rich mineral resources, energy and it is also major production area of food resources. It has roughly 200 million people each who speak Portuguese and Spanish having a big potential for B to C business. In Argentina and Brazil, the new governments which put high priority on economic growth were born and they are making various reforms rapidly in recent years. In Columbia, the civil war lasting around 50years was finally brought to an end. These mean South America has come at last to realize their inherent potential and demonstrate it to the fullest. Adding Chile which is an honor of Free Trade and Peru which keeps stable economic growth for many years, South America as a whole is moving forward for further growth vigorously. In this environment, we as Sumitomo Corporation Group is focusing on the development of infrastructure, renewable energy and consumer related business, in addition to our traditional primary business such as mineral resources and agrochemical inputs. We will grow together with our business partners and various companies in South America by utilizing our various business experiences, expertise which are cultivated for long years and worldwide network. And we will contribute prosperity and dreams for the local community.

Haruo Matsuzaki
General Manager for South America


Sumitomo Corporation of Japan has operated a network of 11 offices in Central and South America for over 20 years. The Executive Office of the Americas, through Sumitomo Corporation of Americas in New York, was established to develop new opportunities in this region.

If you are considering trade or investment in the Central or South American region, we can advise and direct you to the extensive trade and investment opportunities available through Sumitomo's offices. You may also contact the offices listed below directly for information pertinent to a specific country or region.

SCOA South America Offices


Sumitomo Corporation Argentina S.A.
Carlos Pellegrini 719, Piso 10, 
Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel: (011-54-11) 5274-3040
Fax: (011-54-11) 5218-0826


Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sumitomo Corporation do Brasil S.A. (Headquarters)
Av. Paulista 37, 20th Floor - Cerqueira Cesar
(Edificio Parque Cultural) CEP 01311-902
Sao Paulo, S.P. Brazil
Tel: (011-55-11) 3179-4800
Fax: (011-55-11) 287-6005

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sumitomo Corporation do Brasil S.A.
Rio de Janeiro Office
Avenida Rio Branco 1, 16 Andar - Sala 1301
CEP 20090-003
Rio de Janeiro, R.J., Brasil
Tel: (011-55-21) 2518-1205
Fax: (011-55-21) 2518-1610


Sumitomo Corporation Guatemala
Plaza Corporativa Reforma, Torre. II, 5 Piso Oficina 502, Avenida La Reforma 6-64, Zona9
Guatemala, C.A.,
P.O. Box 3A, Guatemala, Guatemala, C.A.
Phone +502-2224-9700
Fax +502-2224-9718


Sumitomo Corporation (Chile) Limitada
Orinoco 90
Office 2002 20th Floor
Las Condes
Santiago, Chile 7560970
Tel: (011-56-2) 2430-6300
Fax: (011-56-2) 2430-6365


Sumitomo Corporation Colombia S.A.S.
Carrera 9 # 115-06 Oficina 1904
Edificio Tierra Firme.
Bogotá, D.C. - Colombia
Tel: 57+ 317 379-5457


Sumitomo Corporation del Ecuador S.A.
Avenida Naciones Unidas E2-30 a Inaquito, Edificio Metropolitan, 

Quito, Ecuador

Tel: 011-593-2-2234


Sumitomo Corporation de Peru
Avenida Jos Larco 1301, Ofic 1502,
Miraflores,  15074

Lima, Peru
(01) 2427991