TBC Corporation Assists Hurricane Relief Efforts in Bahamas



“Leave everything better” is not just one of TBC Corporation’s core values, but the underlying foundation on which the 63-year-old company is built. Looking to have a larger impact and make greater contributions to fellow associates, as well as their company, customers, franchisees, shareholders and communities, TBC continues to implement far-reaching Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. When Hurricane Dorian wreaked havoc on the Bahamas and Bahamian people, TBC Corporation immediately initiated several actions to support the people of this area, with several TBC teams focused on extending aid and relief. These actions included:

  • TBC, in partnership with the Red Cross, launched a campaign at more than 190 of their Tire Kingdom stores throughout the state of Florida, donating $10 from every set of tires purchased to efforts focused on the Bahamas recovery. In only 12 days, with the support of TBC team members and Tire Kingdom customers, TBC raised $100,000.
  • TBC partnered with United Way and Office Depot to collect needed goods requested by the Bahamian government. Corporate associates led this initiative, with team members from the local NTW (National Tire Wholesale) distribution center also stepping up to the challenge.
  • TBC supported the efforts of Midas franchisee Ron Katz as he collected donations that he will transport to the Bahamas by plane.
  • TBC donated tires to HopeTown United to help with relief efforts on the ground in the Bahamas.

“We did all of this because we are a team that is persistent and a team, who, as a united front, is committed to doing everything and anything we can to leave everything better in the communities we serve and beyond,” noted Erik R. Olsen, President & CEO of TBC Corporation.


Above: TBC team members with United Way and Office Depot during the donation drive at TBC Headquarters.
Below: Jamie Levin (VP, Communications) and Bill Shull (Divisional Vice President, Retail) helping load goods for transport at a TBC donation driv