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Expanding Global Sales With Quality Food Products

When one of the largest food purveyors in the United States, Smithfield Foods, wanted to enter Japan and other Asian markets, we were instrumental in navigating foreign food regulations and import policies. We helped introduce them to the local market and established a product that would be successful in the Japanese marketplace. To build brand awareness and to be successful in the Japanese market, food producers must respect and accommodate the unique taste requirements of Japanese consumers, as well as instill confidence in the safety of its product. We helped to develop that trust.

Facilitating Market Entry

Working in close collaboration with the Sumitomo Corporation Food Business Unit and with a superior product in hand, we helped Smithfield offer its meat products to one of the world’s most discerning food markets. To reinforce safety, an independent tracking system was created to ensure the speedy, safe transport of fresh pork, and special temperature control systems made it possible to transport this potentially perishable product without freezing. This resulted in the development of a supply chain system that guaranteed a fast and safe delivery of a higher value product to Japanese consumers. Our “farm-to-fork” program promoted consumer awareness and the brand’s reputation for quality and safety.  

New Product Development

More recently, the Company introduced “Yongenton Silky Pork”, a new branded meat product characterized by marbling qualities that match Japanese tastes. Special feed programs and cross breeding were introduced to develop this unique pork product that complemented the Japanese palate. The Japanese-based name brand for the product resonated with Japanese consumers, and the brand rolled out in Japanese packaging (no English), and is recognized as a uniquely Japanese brand, marketed by a Japanese company. 

Longstanding Relationship

For more than 20 years, our Food Business Unit has helped build a reputation as a trusted supplier in the Japanese food industry. Today, the quality and consistency of these products generate grassroots recognition and brand loyalty in the Japanese retail and wholesale market as a result of our efforts. These pork products are respected in Japan for their consistent quality and taste.